The Smoker’s Way to Quit

Maybe you’ve tried to quit smoking before and failed. Or maybe you haven’t, since you’ve no desire to be yet another ex-smoker craving for nicotine.

We understand. Quitting using willpower, drugs, acupuncture, or even hypnosis doesn’t make you a happy non-smoker. It just makes you a smoker that isn’t allowed to smoke but still craves cigarettes…perhaps even more than before. Wouldn’t it be great if there were an easier, cleaner, more effective way?

There is. Allen Carr’s Easyway program takes a revolutionary and wildly successful approach. It acknowledges the myths and beliefs that all smokers possess. Then, it shatters them, one by one. In the end, you won’t need willpower to stop because it takes no willpower to stop doing something you have no desire to do… Deciding not to smoke will be one of the easiest decisions of your life. Have doubts? We did too. But having helped over 30 million smokers around the world…. Well… they can’t all be crazy, can they?


How Allen Carr’s Easyway Works

In blatant or understated ways, smoking owns you. You even plan your whole life around it. As ex-smokers ourselves (and happily so!), we understand that quitting seems challenging, even impossible. But we did it and it was easy.

Rather than weeks, our session is just five hours. Each hour, you get a smoke break, and we encourage you to take it. (We’re the only program that encourages people to smoke while they’re quitting!). Then, we discuss things you won’t hear about in any other course (after all, the man who created this smoked 80-100 cigarettes a day!).

First, we relate to all the things that smokers think, feel, and believe and we debunk these misconceptions, one at a time. We let you know exactly why everything you believe makes sense. We tackle physical dependency, so you understand your body’s urges and how you can easily seize back control. We live up to our promise and make it super easy to quit.

Our sessions come with a full three month money back guarantee. T&C’s apply  Sign up for a session now near you and try out Allen Carr’s Easyway for yourself, completely risk-free!


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Hassle-free way to stop smoking

  • An enjoyable and eye-opening 5 hour session
  • Sessions run by ex-smokers so we know how you feel
  • Refresher sessions available for those that need them
  • A full 3 month money-back guarantee
  • Relaxed environment, where you can ask any question


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No awful withdrawal pangs

No awful withdrawal pangs

No need to gain weight

No need to gain weight

No drugs, patches, gums or needles

No drugs, patches, gums or needles