Smoking when drinking alcohol makes hangovers worse. Does it make you want to stop smoking?

Now I am no scientist but this piece of research that has just been published really just confirms what I knew already from bitter experience…..being a smoker makes hangovers much worse. The bizarre part about the findings is that the researchrs seem to have no idea why it is the case.
Well again reiterating the fact that I am no scientist, I can only assume that on top of taking in so much alcohol over a short period of time that your body dehydrates, adding regular half hourly doses of the things below (plus many others) surely isn’t going to help you through the process of coping with a hangover.
Some of the ingredients in cigarette smoke which almost certainly contribute to a worse hangover –
Tar – a mixture of dangerous chemicals
Arsenic – used in wood preservatives
Benzene – an industrial solvent, refined from crude oil
Cadmium – used in batteries
Formaldehyde – used in mortuaries and paint manufacturing
Polonium-210 – a highly radioactive element
Chromium – used to manufacture dye, paints and alloys
1,3-Butadiene – used in rubber manufacturing
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons – a group of dangerous DNA-damaging chemicals
Nitrosamines – another group of DNA-damaging chemicals
Acrolein – formerly used as a chemical weapon
What has your experience been since you stopped smoking? Are your hangovers less bad!!! Some people are saying they hope this study will help smokers to cut down over the festive season….clearly they dont understand that cutting down on cigarettes doesnt make them less precious, it does the complete opposite.