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Want to stop smoking during Covid 19?

We find ourselves to be living in some very different and challenging times due to the ongoing Covid 19 global health crisis. As we all know Covid 19 is a condition that affects the respiratory system and stopping smoking can…

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Smokers are 70% more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression.

Today, the results of a study have been published that found Smokers are 70% more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression – but quitting can reverse the damage” This study comes as no shock or surprise to anyone who…

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Do you have ‘Vitality’ private health insurance? Want to stop smoking for free with Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking

When ‘VitalityHealth’ were looking to partner with an organisation who could help their members stop smoking, they wanted to deal with an industry leader and that’s why they approached Allen Carr’s Easyway. Initially Vitality members could attend an Allen Carr’s…

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Time To Stop Smoking…Why not do it courtesy of Tesco Clubcard?

If stopping smoking is something you have tried to do in the past or it’s something you are considering for the first time, you CAN quit smoking with the help of the world renowned stop smoking guru, Allen Carr.  Your Tesco…

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Surgeons ban non-emergency procedures for smokers

Vascular surgeons at Edinburgh’s Royal Infirmary have stopped taking GP referrals for non-emergency patients unless they have quit smoking. Dr Jean Turner, from the Scotland Patients Association, said she was “extremely disappointed” by the stance. Dr David Farquharson, medical director…

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E cig manufacturers using the same old tried and tested methods of gaining new addicts

OK, there a number of words I would like to describe the reaction we have to the attached link at the end of this story. OUTRAGEOUS, UNBELIEVABLE, DISGRACEFUL and sadly NOT AT ALL UNEXPECTED. The latest “innovation”in ecig technology is…..wait…

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Boy, 3, suffers second-degree burns after mum’s e-cigarette explodes

A three-year-old boy suffered first- and second-degree burns after his mom’s e-cigarette exploded causing his car seat to catch fire. Mum Kinzie Barlow was driving near her home when the incident occurred. According to Barlow, the White Rhino e-cigarette exploded…

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Indonesia Tobacco Giant’s Shameful Billboard Says “DON’T QUIT”

Indonesia Tobacco Giant’s Shameful Billboard Says “DON’T QUIT” PT Djarum puts profits over lives Posted by: Editor | Jun 10, 2013 Indonesia has been called the tobacco industry’s playground due to the country’s large number of smokers and unrestricted tobacco…

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Lung cancer now takes more female lives than breast cancer in UK

Lung cancer has overtaken breast cancer as the most lethal form of the disease for women in the UK, research has shown. Scientists predict that by the middle of the decade it will be the main cause of women’s cancer…

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