E cig manufacturers using the same old tried and tested methods of gaining new addicts

OK, there a number of words I would like to describe the reaction we have to the attached link at the end of this story. OUTRAGEOUS, UNBELIEVABLE, DISGRACEFUL and sadly NOT AT ALL UNEXPECTED.

The latest “innovation”in ecig technology is…..wait for it…….an ecigarette that has blue tooth connectivity and can stream music and phone calls while you “vape” Yes folks, a BLUETOOTH CIGARETTE!!!

The freedom that e cigarette manufacturers have at the moment to market and advertise their nicotine delivery systems to everyone and anyone knows no bounds. From sponsoring football teams, paying pop stars like Lilly Allen who accepted an huge sum to from an ecig company to have young women dancers smoking an ecig and waving the packet in her last music video and Avecci allowing another company to use one of their songs in a TV advert for ecigs.

No matter what your point of view on whether these ecigs are actually good or bad, safe or unsafe, its really saddening to see this new modern nicotine industry taking the same track as Big Tobacco did all those decades ago by attaching their product to things that will attract young impressionable people into to trying and then becoming addicted to nicotine. At least in the days when kids were trying real cigarettes for the first time, a good chunk of them couldn’t cope with the terrible taste and physical effects of the first few cigarettes and realised that they simply didn’t have the willpower to go through the horrible lengthy process of getting used to smoking these disgusting things on an daily basis.

The new modern nicotine dealers have it easy. They simply have to sell their delivery devices in funky cool shapes and colours, add on a range of stylish accessories and then the killer punch…….sell the liquid which carries the addictive substance in capsules flavoured with tastes like Red Bull, strawberry, cherry, cola, etc etc etc…… so that young kids can take to it like a duck to water. Not just that but now kids cando it without their parents catching them doing it by smelling smoke on their breaths.

Dress it up, tease them in, use evocative brand names like “Njoy”, use pop idols to fool them and make it look cool and before you know it the country will be awash with hundreds of thousands of newly initiated drug addicts who will most likely spend the rest of their lives financially, physically and emotionally dependent on an industry that are in it purely for their own financial gain.

Whilst ecigs may or may not be “safer” that normal tobacco cigarettes one thing really worries me. Think of all of these new young nicotine addicts. Think of the situations they will almost certainly find themselves in. They rush out the door without picking up their ecig or pipe, they are out late at night and have run out of vapour liquid and no one else in the crowd uses ecigs. What do you think they will do then??? Just not bother?? Chill out and enjoy the party or social function without any more nicotine??

NO chance, nicotine addicts need nicotine and if they are no other ecig users around and nowhere else to buy them, there is only one option left….bag to the old traditional smoky way of getting nicotine into the system. Sadly at that point they have now experienced a far more dangerous alternative. Circle complete!!

Sound familiar??? Sadly that’s exactly what BIG Tobacco did and look where that got us.