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Allen Carr’s Easyway Unifies Your Workforce & Tightens Production

Smoking in the workplace poses obvious health risks—to both smokers and non-smokers. But nicotine addiction also impacts production and teamwork, making anti-smoking solutions effective tools for reducing inefficiencies and increasing overall value and output.

Think about it: If one of your employees pops out of the office three times a day to smoke, that person spends roughly 30 minutes away from his or her desk. Over the course of a year, this becomes nearly 15 workdays of lost time which equates to three full working weeks.

And that’s just one person. As former smokers, we know people rarely go for a smoke alone. Group cigarette breaks only amplify that lost productivity, costing your business time and money.

Non-smokers may see these unauthorised breaks as unfair, creating workplace unrest. Your company doesn’t need that type of negativity swirling around the workplace so why settle for half-measure solutions?

Maximise Your ROI with Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking

Previous clients have experienced massive ROI when treating employees to Allen Carr’s Easyway Program, saving on average £2,000 a year per smoker.

On average, smokers take five more sick days per year than non-smokers. When you empower your staff to overcome nicotine addiction, employees are in the office more often and more energetic and productive throughout the day. A cleaner, healthier environment also boosts morale and reduces the risk of diseases caused by second-hand smoke.

Allen Carr’s Easyway is a win-win: you show employees you care about their health and longevity, and your business enjoys a happy, healthy team of non-smokers committed to your mission.

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“The health and safety of our employees is our number one priority and we are always looking to promote general health. We decided to support any member of the Works’ team who wanted to undertake the Allen Carr’s Easyway programme and are delighted by the results. With all of those who took part in the scheme now smoke-free, I am happy to recommend this programme to smokers and their employers alike. ”

Alison Taylor, Health, Safety and Environment Manager
Lafarge Cement UK, Dunbar Works



“Total E & P UK PLC recognises the health and business benefits of reducing smoking in the workplace. Total has a smoking policy which is intended to be equitable to both smokers and non-smokers, but which actively encourages smoking cessation.

We have used a number of techniques to encourage smoking cessation in the past (e.g. patches, laser therapy) and, more recently, have used  Allen Carr’s Easyway technique both onshore and offshore.

In terms of average success rate it is clear that, for us, the Allen Carr Easyway technique has shown an advantage over the other methods which we have tried. It has also been well received by staff who have taken part in the sessions we have organised”.

Robert Hirst, Operations Manager


Kwik-Fit Insurance

Kwik-Fit Insurance
“We first introduced Allen Carr’s Easyway to Kwik-Fit Financial Service’s staff last year after being impressed with the Easyway approach. Not only have many of our staff stopped smoking as a result of attending an Allen Carr’s Easyway session, but the appeal of Allen Carr’s Easyway was far greater than with other methods.

From the 25 people who attended our first session 11 months ago, around 75% are still non-smokers! We have scheduled another session and will look to further sessions in the coming months.

As a company we recognise the health and financial benefits associated with helping our staff to stop smoking and we are very happy to be able to offer these sessions as a benefit not only to our staff but their family and friends as well!”

Janice Kerr, Human Resources Manager
Kwik-Fit Financial Services

Hassle-free way to stop smoking

  • An enjoyable and eye-opening 5 hour session
  • Sessions run by ex-smokers so we know how you feel
  • Refresher sessions available for those that need them
  • A full 3 month money-back guarantee
  • Relaxed environment, where you can ask any question


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No awful withdrawal pangs

No awful withdrawal pangs

No need to gain weight

No need to gain weight

No drugs, patches, gums or needles

No drugs, patches, gums or needles