Big Tobacco at last made to admit they deceived us.

In today’s news it has been announced that tobacco companies in the USA have now been ordered to self-fund a series of advertising campaigns where they will for the first time openly admit that they “deliberately deceived the American public about the health effects of smoking”. They also have to admit that “tobacco companies intentionally desig ned cigarettes to make them more addictive.”
This industry has been lying, cheating and covering up since the very beginning. They set up organisations such as The Tobacco Industry Research Committee under the premise of searching to see if there was any element/s within tobacco or cigarette smoke that was harmful. They vowed that their customer’s health and safety were their number one priority and should the research committee find anything harmful, “they would do everything their power to remove it”. Pure lies and pardon the pun….smoke screens.
The Tobacco Research Industry Committee was actually a cover for one of the most devious PR campaigns of all time where the sole purpose was to respond to and discredit any new scientific evidence that came out which strengthened the case that smoking was dangerous. They also looked for well-known scientists and organisations that would come out against the scientific evidence having been made “tobacco friendly”. Overall though, the worst aim of this organisation was to prolong the “smoking controversy” by placing sufficient counters against the dangers of smoking in to the public domain in order that smokers would think….”well it might be dangerous and it might not, it doesn’t seem to have been proven conclusive either way. In the meantime I do not need to worry about stopping smoking until such evidence either way emerges” The longer this point of view prevailed, the more people smoked and died. All along though, the industry knew a) that nicotine was addictive and b) that smoking was a cause of cancer yet they did everything in their power to keep this a secret.
Sadly over the last century, millions of good, honest, hardworking people from all corner of the globe have been conned by the tobacco industry. They spent billions of dollars on advertising campaigns that used famous and glamorous people smoking and telling the world just how “fresh and smooth” their cigarettes were compared to other brands. They influenced all aspects of daily life from legal process to scientific research and found themselves allies at the heart of every part of public life from universities to government. In fact the tobacco industry has actually been compared to the mafia in the way they operate their businesses.
Whilst the tobacco industry is seen as just another legal industry that is an acceptable part of everyday life and which produces a product that most users believe they “choose” to use and see them a “friend” or a “crutch” that helps them through the highs and lows of life then this industry will prevail.   If on the other hand smokers were actually given the opportunity to see not only what the industry has been doing in order to get them hooked and keep them hooked, and were given an opportunity to learn the true facts about how easy it can actually be to stop smoking once in possession of the true facts, then we could slowly and surely reduce the number of people who become and usually remain victims of this despicable industry.   Once you can see an alternative view of a long held belief, it gives you an opportunity to make your own mind up as to which version to believe. Our job as Allen Carr therapists is to give you that alternative point of view and help you make that decision without fear or doubt.