Big Pharma and Big Tobacco on verge of winning The Nicotine War!

From the desk of John Dicey, Worldwide Director, Allen Carr’s Easyway

There is no pleasure gained when a prediction of calamity is proven correct – especially when it is likely to effect so many millions of lives in such a profound and deeply tragic way. We’ve written many times about Government Sponsored Addiction over the past decades with the prescription of nicotine products (nicotine patches and gum etc) being used in attempts to help smokers to quit.

We certainly appear to be in an “Emperor’s Clothes” situation with the very same people who claimed that nicotine products could cure addiction to nicotine now driving through plans for nicotine to be used in order to keep smokers hooked to the drug on an ongoing, long-term basis!

The Guardian describes how the Cabinet Office’s behavioral insight team – better known as the nudge unit – wants to adopt the new technology because policy officials believe the rigid “quit or die” approach to smoking advice no longer “works”. As if it ever did!

They now want nicotine addiction to be “managed” to “help” smokers who otherwise won’t quit – an approach the unit believes could prevent millions of smoking deaths. Managing addiction? Really?

The result? A green light for new products that deliver nicotine to addicts. A strategy of “don’t cure the addict – feed them”.

So called experts have advised the UK government that the nicotine contained in some new, smokefree cigarettes is no more harmful than caffeine in coffee.

The Guardian reports a Cabinet Office source saying: “A lot of countries are moving to ban this stuff; we think that’s a mistake.”

Of course the real mistake is that despite Allen Carr’s explicit advice to the contrary, the Government, Department of Health, NICE, and ASH, pursued a decade long folly of attempting to cure nicotine addiction by giving the addict nicotine. Not only has this cost the taxpayer hundreds of millions of pounds – more importantly it has cost the lives of tens of thousands of smokers who, had they been provided with an effective means of stopping smoking, might not have perished at the hands of their addiction.

The sickening denouement? Rather than investigate Allen Carr’s Easyway method as a safe, highly effective, cost effective solution to the smoking problem the same people who pursued the use of nicotine to cure nicotine addiction are now abandoning attempts to cure smokers of their addiction and instead planning to keep them hooked on nicotine indefinitely.

The Guardian reports “The Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is looking into approving these devices for use. If it finds in their favour, the government is likely to push for them to be placed prominently in shops alongside tobacco cigarettes, where they would be sold at a cheaper rate.”

Allen Carr’s Easyway organisation also predicted some time ago that soon these products will not only be on general sale, but marketed aggressively towards not just new customers, but our children. Keep an eye out for toffee and chocolate flavoured nicotine sprays advertised in much the same way as cigarettes were in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970’s.

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