A new silver bullet to stop smoking? Sadly not – just more false hope for smokers

Well, well, well. Here we go again another pharma based stop smoking revolution – Tabex. Apparently it is derived from Laburnum seeds and recent clinical trials not only show that it is a whopping 3.4 times more likely to help people quit smoking than “going it alone” but it is apparently as effective as other current approved methods. Sounds good?

I’m afraid not. When you look at the fact that “going it alone” gives a paltry success rate of around just 3% it will not create much excitement amongst smokers at the prospect increasing their chances of success by so little. If it is as effective as current approved methods then bad news again I’m afraid. Because according to official statistics, your chances of successfully stopping smoking and staying stopped for 12 months with the current approved methods is just 5-7%. So no real change in the overall chances of success.

The main advantage of this particular drug being approved it would seem is not in favour of the smokers of the nation but instead in a massive cost saving to the NHS. The current wonder pill Champix (which has been linked to depression and suicides) costs the NHS around £200 for a 12 week course and also has low long term success rates. This new drug costs them just £6 for a 4 week course. I have a funny feeling that BIG PHARMA will not take this one lying down as it would pose a serious threat to their nicotine maintenance product ranges and the over priced and unsuccessful wonder pills they produce, it will be interesting to see how this pans out.

This is just another example of give smoker’s false hope that round the corner there is a silver bullet that they can take for a few weeks and wake up one morning never smoking again. In terms of pills or potions it will never happen. Smokers need to be given a non pharma alternative for stopping smoking and as things stand they are being deprived of the worlds leading stop smoking method Allen Carr’s Easyway due to the lack of foresight and bravery to stand up to the big pharma companies.

Time for a change in the range of options made available to smokers. Not all smokers want to take drugs to stop smoking so they should be offered a proven and successful alternative.