Monthly Archives: January 2013

Risk of Lung Cancer Death Has Risen Dramatically Among Women Smokers in Recent Decades

Researchers from organizations including the American Cancer Society have found that changes in women’s smoking habits during the last several decades have significantly increased their risk of dying from lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) when compared to…

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A sobering piece of research for smokers.

A new bit of research published recently and reported in the press last week, gives a very sobering message for male & female smokers. The study was conducted with over 2.2 million male and female smokers between 1959 and 2010…

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‘Death clock’ to deter smokers

Bangladesh has unveiled a “Death Clock” in its capital to raise awareness about smoking-related deaths in a country which ranks among the world’s highest in tobacco consumption. Around 57,000 people die annually from tobacco-related diseases in Bangladesh, on average 156…

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Study links exposure to second-hand smoke with increased dementia risk

An international study by scientists in China, the UK and USA has found a link between passive smoking and syndromes of dementia. The study of nearly 6,000 people in five provinces in China reveals that people exposed to passive smoking…

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Quitting smoking ‘reduces anxiety’

Smokers who successfully quit feel less anxious afterwards – despite the belief that smoking relieves stress, researchers say. The British Journal of Psychiatry study followed nearly 500 smokers attending stop smoking clinics. It found a “significant” decrease in anxiety levels…

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