Monthly Archives: November 2012

Big Tobacco at last made to admit they deceived us.

In today’s news it has been announced that tobacco companies in the USA have now been ordered to self-fund a series of advertising campaigns where they will for the first time openly admit that they “deliberately deceived the American public…

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Another pointless piece of research on stopping smoking!

Deary, deary, deary me!!!!! What will these so called scientists who are “experts” in smoking cessation come up with next???? Gargling lemonade and getting a glucose hit might help smokers quit!!! I am sure all smokers will be rushing out to…

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When is the right time to decide to stop smoking?

Almost every day of the week, there is some kind of story in the media giving conflicting information to smokers about the risks and effects of smoking. Sometimes the sheer amount and variety of information can be overwhelming and is…

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