Monthly Archives: September 2011

A new silver bullet to stop smoking? Sadly not – just more false hope for smokers

Well, well, well. Here we go again another pharma based stop smoking revolution – Tabex. Apparently it is derived from Laburnum seeds and recent clinical trials not only show that it is a whopping 3.4 times more likely to help…

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Film censors under fire for failure to stub out smoking on screen

Tobacco researchers have attacked “incompetent” film regulators and “insouciant” politicians for failing to act upon evidence suggesting that teenagers are being lured into smoking by seeing it in movies. The call by the UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies for…

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Big Pharma and Big Tobacco on verge of winning The Nicotine War!

There is no pleasure gained when a prediction of calamity is proven correct – especially when it is likely to effect so many millions of lives in such a profound and deeply tragic way. We’ve written many times about Government Sponsored Addiction over the past decades with the prescription of nicotine products (nicotine patches and gum etc) being used in attempts to help smokers to quit.
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Scottish university battling information request from tobacco company

Stirling University is battling a tobacco giant’s attempt to gain access to its research into young people’s smoking habits. Philip Morris International (PMI), which makes Marlboro cigarettes, has submitted Freedom of Information (FoI) requests asking for the data from the…

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