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Victory… It’s yours!

It’s 10:00 p.m. Another jubilant day has passed and not once did you think about your old friend, the cigarette. Instead, you just focused on living your life: navigating work, savouring your family and dealing with challenges.  Fully in control.

After years of ‘knowing’ you couldn’t quit, you’ve now done so. In the end, it was quick and it was easy (you even got to smoke your way through the program). You didn’t need patches or replacements, you didn’t even need willpower.  You know it’s real, because when you see smokers, you just feel pity for them, not envy. You’ve kicked your dependency and you are now a happy non-smoker for good.

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No awful withdrawal pangs

No awful withdrawal pangs

No need to gain weight

No need to gain weight

No drugs, patches, gums or needles

No drugs, patches, gums or needles

You can be like these ex-smokers

Cannot believe how easy this is

Cannot believe how easy this is. Went out this weekend and never even thought about a ciggie. Its so easy! – really, I would never have thought it would be, even up to the last cigarette, I was still not entirely sure.

I want to shout it out to everyone. My friends cannot believe the change in me, the fags were really dragging me down, and I didn’t even realise until I quit. From a very enthusiastic, energetic, and more confident person (best money I have ever spent).

PM, Edinburgh

Freedom after all these wasted years

I am seeing for the first time as an adult what it’s like to be a non-smoker. I can’t believe that it’s actually happened as I never thought I would ever have the strength to do it.

And when the penny dropped, that I didn’t need strength, courage or willpower and that after 3 days that was it: freedom, I must say I felt like a tit, after all these wasted years.

This is the beginning of the rest of my life, and it’ll be smoke-free. I can’t thank you enough and I’ll never be able to put into words how good I feel. Best 200 quid I ever spent. Yours in no longer smelling.

EL, Glasgow

I am amazed but delighted

Following the appointment with you in Aberdeen I am amazed but delighted to say that there has been no cigarettes smoked since. For whatever reason there has been no desire to light up.

I cannot thank you enough for getting me off the cigarettes and I am certainly letting as many of my smoking friends know about your method as I can.

NB, Aberdeen

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